What if we use this time of confinement to boost our interior?

Is your furniture okay, but you’re missing “gezelligheid” in your home? Which colour would be best for the ambiance or warmth you are looking for? Can paint or other wall treatment uplift your room and make it more appealing? Absolutely and uplifting your mood too!

The online consult SpringBoost will create the ambiance you desire, whether you like neutrals or prefer more dramatic colours. We’ll check out paint colours but other materials too if desired (wallpaper).

How does it work?
You’ll send at least five clear pictures of the room you would like to tackle. You will also fill in a short questionnaire and return these with a dozen inspiration images. Simple instructions for these easy tasks will be provided. Following receipt of this information i n 3 i n t e r i e u r will send you a confirmation with request of payment.

Fee the SpringBoost consult is €85.00 (for one room).

Within 7 working days you will receive a personalised advice by email with colour names and/or numbers, material references (if applicable), retailers and short instructions for the application. You will be all set to start a make-over that suits your home.

Create an appealing interior and elevate your mood at the same time!

Offer is valid until 1 July 2020.