Interior Design NOW!

4th Edition – multilingual

Are you renovating or (re-)decorating your house or just interested in the workings of interior design? The short course Interior Design NOW!, has offered massive ideas and inspiration to students in the past few years and will give you too plenty of insight. The course helps you organise your ideas and bring together all elements to carry your project with great results and show your creativity hands-on!

Starting date: 16 June 2020
6 lessons from 19.00 – 21.30 hrs
Course fee is € 135.00 to be paid at time of registration (conditions apply), including coffee/tea. Material cost € 30.00 to be paid before start of course (not including magazines/catalogues).

Teacher: Beatrice (Beatrijs) Hoedemakers, interior designer at in3interieur. Location: Atelier Imagine, Eindhoven (just off Geldropseweg)
Mail:, Phone: 06-435 140 48

Course Summary – six lessons
1. INTO INTERIOR – the general picture: interior design and inspiration 2. SPACED OUT – a space/room and its use: the best m2’s 3. HEARTFELT – the look: colours schemes that work 4. MATERIAL-IZE – the feel: textures for layers 5. SPOTLIGHT – furniture, seating and lighting options 6. REFINE – re-actions and styling finish

Registration & questions: send the following details (copy & paste) to

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starting date: ______________________________2020

Korte cursus in het engels aanvang maart en september 2020.