Interior Design NOW!

Short course in English starting early 2020. Send me a mail if you would like a reminder for the next starting date. 

About Interior Design NOW!

Are you planning to (re-)decorate your house, update a single room or just interested in the workings of interior design? The short course Interior Design NOW! will give you plenty of insight, help organise your ideas and bring together the necessary elements to carry out a project with great results.

Interior design is not rocket science. It is more a method or a process that you can follow. Planning is what it is all about. A succesful interior sprouts from a well thought out plan, rather than from a collection of pieces of furniture and random choices. Through a practical approach, you will learn to plan and evaluate the basic aspects of interior design. A lot of emphasis will be on current time interiors!  How to detangle the massive amount of information that comes to us through media and commerce. Get acquainted with interior design tools so you can develop your style and create a personal and inspiring interior.

Each lesson starts with a talk by way of selected slides and will have a short, fun manual exercise. And there will be room for discussion and questions. You are welcome to bring in your own photographs and collected images. Notice that no particular skills are required for this course.

Course Summary – six lessons

  1. INTO INTERIOR – the general picture: meaning, importance, method, expectations and general introduction.
  2. SPACED OUT – a space/room and its use: Use of volumes, floorplans and sketches. Room functionality Now! Interior spaces in the Netherlands.
  3. HEARTFELT – the look: overview of colours, colour theory, colour systems , colour inspiration and how ta make colour choices for desired ambiance.
  4. MATERIAL-IZE – the feel: materials and textures for a layered look. Materials galore, their qualities and application. Current favourites.
  5. SPOTLIGHT – seating and lighting options: Basic lighting plan / adjusting existing lighting. Options for lounging, dining, sleeping, storing and other furniture pieces including the latest from the Salone del mobile in Milan.
  6. REFINE – re-actions and finish: re-use existing interiors by restyling, re-upholster, renovate, reclaim, recycle and more re-‘s. Plus the finishing touch or styling your rooms. And the impact of decorating with art works, photos and plants.

Books, samples and other reference material are available during the course.


Teacher: Beatrijs Hoedemakers,


Korte cursus in het engels aanvang eerste maanden van 2020. Stuur mij een mail als je graag een update over de startdatum wilt ontvangen.